Q24 Classic / Plus power supply problem

We have working products based on q2400, q2406, q2501… But while experimenting with q24 Classic and Plus series we found that it cannot correctly measure the battery voltage level.
For example, we have 4 V on VBATT, but the q24 module switches off with +WBCI:0. With extended WBCI information it shows +WBCI:3,3200…
Q2400 on the same board with the same AT command shows +WBCI:3,4000.

So it seems that new q24 modules interpret VBATT voltage wrong. Can anybody help with this problem?

sorry mr.black,
i don’t know the proper answer but it seems that you are working with Q24 series’ so i need a help to know whether the groundine of the shielding legs is mandatory or else we can tie it to any positive potential

Already answered in: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … php?t=1432

Yes, it is q24 series, not q24xx. Shielding legs are tied to the ground. All grounds are attached according the datasheet. And all this stuff is working with old q24xx series. In datasheet Wavecom says that there are no differences in power supply between new q24 series and older q2400/q2406. So we cannot discover the problem…

somebody has solved topicstarter problem?

Yes, we solved it. It was logical levels inconsistency between processor and q24. Problem was solved after putting level shifter on UART line.