Q24 classic

1). Can i use Q24 CLASSIC device with TTL logic devices?
2). Does the UART supports null modem connection?
3). In my application, while testing the UART connection, i can see Signal is sent from PC to wireless CPU without any distortion; but i am unable to receive pure response from Wireless CPU. Can you suggest me, what the problem is?

See the Datasheet.

This has nothing to do with the UART!
Again, look at the Datasheet to determine which pins are outputs from the device, and which are inputs to the device.

Note that “Transmit Data” is an input to a DCE (ie, a modem) - it is the data to be transmitted.

The PC uses true RS232 voltage levels - do you have the necessary transceiver?

See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … aresQ2426B

Does i have to use special booster type of connection for UART

Depends on what you mean by “special”!

You need something that meets the specifications of the Q24 module on the module side, and something that meets the specifications of the connected system on the other side - if you want to call this a “special booster”, then that’s what you need!

The specifications of the Q24 module can be found in its Datasheet;

If the “connected system” is a PC, using its COM port, then that is defined in accordance with the RS232 specification.