Connecting Q64 to PC via UART


I have some questions about connection Q64 Wireless Processor to PC via UART.
I’ve made connection according to the circuit below.
Module is turn on (the led lights), and then I send the “AT” command to Q64 with HyperTerminal. But there isn’t any answer from Q64.Could I use MAX232 ? Might be something special in Q64 UART connection circuit ? Is my circuit correct ? Is it important to use CTS/RTS pins?

Thank you for some advice!

Eventually I could make an unstable connection with Q64 via max3232 (max232 was not a good choice, as it is not 2.8V compliant).

But the problem now is that the Q64 is not immediately answer on AT-command. It could answer only on 10th command and even could misinterpreted command (interpreter AT command as ATD command and answer NO CARRIER).

I’ve found topic about similar problem, but there isn’t useful information in it.

Could somebody tell me - could I use max3232 for stable connection with Q64 ?
Must I use ADM3307E, smth similar ?

Thank you