Q24CLASSIC debugging option

Dear Friends,

I am testing my Q24 classic kit with UART interface,
i am using RS232 signalling using a logic level shifter.
if i send a command through RS232 to Wireless CPU, it is receiving the command and giving response with distortion.
can you help to solve this problem

What do you mean by that?

What is the nature of this “distortion”?

distortion in the sense that the grounding of the data signal is not going to zero level properly.

i personally suspect on the grounding options of Q24 CLASSIC module.

In datasheet they have mentioned as shielding legs to be used as ground; but in my practical case the Flash LED is glowing if 3.6V is given to shielding legs instead of giving ground.
kindly suggest whether it is a problem with module or else with some other options,

if you need my circuit schematics, i will send it to you


Why would you not supply ground to the shielding???

Best Regards,

As Jan says, if the datasheet tells you to do that, why would you do anything else? :open_mouth:

And, if the datasheet tells you to do that, you don’t do it, and things don’t work - then, obviously, your first step must be to do what the datasheet tells you, mustn’t it!