Provisioning FX30(S) in Octave using API: is device reboot necessary?

Hello All.

I developed application which uses Octave API to provision FX30(S) devices. The process goes as following:

  1. Call Provision Device API request which returns operation ID.
  2. Poll operation status using Get Operation API request and that known operation ID until status value becomes “FINISHED”.

It all seems to work fine, but if I enter that device in my Octave dashboard there’s a message something like “You need to reboot that device, you have XX minutes left”. Is that reboot really necessary for provisioning to be finalized?


Hi alex.clickcatchoff,

If a device is deleted and added again or moved from one company to another, the device should be power cycled for its Resources to show up properly (i.e., if the device remains powered on during the migration, it will not properly appear in Octave with its full Resource tree until the device is power cycled).

This can be done by physically rebooting the device or by sending a reboot command by writing an Event with: {"elems": { "/util/reboot/trigger": 1 }} to the device /:command Stream.

Thanks Donald!
Finally I did implement reboot after provisioning operation turns into “FINISHED” state, all seems to be working well.

P.S. I guess by “power cycle” you meant reboot not the actually power cycling of the device since you refer to /util/reboot/trigger command.

I would like to continue this discussion.
I did provisioning of the device in Octave using respective API function.

When I fetch the device status by using GetDevice API function, I receive
“provisioningStatus”: “OPERATIONAL”
from which my application concludes device is ready for use, device gets unpowered and packed into the box.

However, when I open this device in the Octave dashboard I see the following message:

Is that a problem? I expect the device won’t be powered during next month (s).