Properly building bundle for AirVantage from cwe file - linux shell

does anyone what is the proper command to build a bundle for AirVantage starting from a cwe file?
I was only able to find reference to av-pack:
but this is only for the .update file

Hi claudio.baldini,

Please refer to the below links for how to create bundle for AirVantage starting from a cwe file

This is an example of a public bundle package starting from a cwe file on Airvangate.

thanks mate, will go through this.
the last link I can’t open as it says I don’t have the right permissions.

Hi claudio.baldini,

This is an example of a file (547 Bytes)
You compress the cwe file and the file to .zip file. Then you release zip package to AirVantage.

Aleady suggest this to him …

so there is no shell command to make an app starting from the cwe file?
I can see the av-pack but you need to have an .update file and then to specify the build directory which I can`t really find when building the system.
It sounds odd that there is not a command which will also look after the legato revision and MCU, and you have to code this manually in the .app file, but if this is so, we will use this method.

Hi claudio.baldini,

You need to modify it manually.

Ok gents we will do. Cheers

I am getting a bunch of warnings on airVantage for all the applications I have built and installed.
AirVantage is saying that these are not recognized.
Is this because I have updated them locally and not through a bundle?
how do I fix this problem?

I don’t see problem on upgrading legato cwe image