How to use custom FW (yocto build) in AirVantage

Hi, I have a custom FW that includes my applications that I would like to update my devices with using AirVantage. How do I package in a way that AirVantage will allow me to release it and send to devices. Currently it does not recognise my *.cwe files… But I can’t find info on how to package and “import”/release in AirVantage.


Hi @karlkuhn

Please refer to the below links to find infomation on how to package and “import”/release in AirVantage.

This is an example of a public firmware on Airvangate.

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Thanks @Donald , this seems to have worked. Although I used the app models for the closest SW firmware available on Airvantage and then modified them to include my cwe in the binary section.

Is it possible to create delta FW images/cwe for using in AirVantage. At 50mb this is a large download on our IOT SIMs (and costly). It would be good to be able to deploy only a delta when changes to my apps are made/system are made…

Hi karlkuhn,

Which module type are you using?

Hi @Donald it is the FX30S 3G so WP85 I link… but looking to migrate to the 4G FX30 variants soon


Hi karlkuhn,

The FX30 currently does not support delta updates.

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OK thanks for the info… a bit dissapointing… but it is what it is.