Delta Over the Air Updates

Hi Everyone,

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I’m trying to find concrete steps on delta sw updates on the airvantage platform.

My guess is that that either the dev studio (i’m using 2.3.2 for legacy compatibility) compiles the patches, or alternatively they are calculated upon upload to the airvantage platform.
Having peeked into the .app file of sierra firmware updates I can see that multiple binaries are specified, which lends itself to my first thought.

But i’m not finding how to generate these binary delta’s?

So basically, I’m happy to read whatever documentation I should have been looking at. Just can’t find it…

Thanks for any help.

what SW file you want to upload? Is it application or firmware?
for FW, I think you have to contact your FAE. Application you can do via Dev Studio.


Hi Alex,

It’s specifically generating deltas of my application that I’m trying to find documentation on.

I can’t tell if I have to compile the delta package in the dev studio, or its completed on the airvantage portal by uploading the correctly formatted zip package.

And in addition, the delta’s, how is the delta calculated. Is it a binary transformation or is it just that individual tasks can be updated whilst leaving unchanged ones in place.

Sorry if my questions are too broad, I just haven’t seen anything that gave any sort of idea of how this works.

I have not seen any documentation. But you do generate deltas in dev studio. Use the “Application Repository” view and select “Export application package for AirVantage”. During the process there is a selection about deltas. Note that you need to connect to your AirVantage account to be able to generate the deltas.


Thanks for the information.
That would pretty much sum up everything I needed to know.
I was nowhere near finding that, have never attached the ide to the airvantage platform directly…