Apply Workflow to upgrade multiple FX30 Legato applications?

I have 4 applications I would like to deploy from AirVantage as a set. “Apply Workflow” caught my eye: I might be able to select all my modems and deploy all 4 applications to them in the correct sequence.
However, “Install Application” isn’t available.
The manual shows that as a “step” option… but when I select my connected FX30S… only the basic-radio steps are available. Am I missing something?

BTW. I have been trying to learn how to create a single “bundle” with all 4 apps… with no joy. This is a parallel path of investigation.

you can build the 4 applications to legato.cwe image.
And then install the legato image by AVMS:

Here also shows how to bundle files in an application:

You can create the 5th unsandboxed application which bundles the 4 applications’s .update binaries.
And then install it by running a script

Thanks for your prompt reply.
It sounds like a bundle-of-apps is something AirVantage does not yet support.
I was hoping to avoid sending out legato every time I want to update our applications (and also avoid figuring out how to create the file).
Using a 5th app for home-grown bundle support… looks attractive. We had pondered that briefly; but returned to thinking that surely AirVantage can do this.

Here shows how to modify wifi.sdef to include application in legato.cwe:

BTW, if you don’t want to rebuild the legato.cwe, I am thinking if you should use the .sdef for system build to include mulitiple applications in one .update file.

Here is an example from the mqtt sample application which includes two applications:

Good thoughts. I’ll look into that. Thanks.