Proper documentation for Sierra proprietary AT commands (EM9191, EM7421, ...)?

The documentation for proprietary AT commands has been lacking for quite some time, and it gets worse for every new HW generation:

  • AT!LTEINFO: essentially undocumented. Some tabular data, but several columns have no obvious meaning, and undocumented coding of values: “Serving:”, columns “D” and “U”? “SCell”, columns “Mdl”, “Mul”? Everything else.
  • AT!NRINFO: essentially undocumented. How are “NR5G ul MIMO:” values coded, dito for DL.
  • AT!RCOMBOS: completely undocumented, only mentioned in FW release notes.

Hi @stefanbruens ,
The commands were not mentioned in the official document means they have not completely verified. They might be added in the further.


!LTEINFO has been there for years now, but still no usable documentation. Are you still “verifying” it?

Hi @stefanbruens ,

I know it, I talked about AT!RCOMBOS for one of the commands have not documented. BTW. I collected information that you summarized in the ticket then forwarded to the development team. They’ll review and update for the next release.

Thanks for you idea. It’s very valuable

So, finally there was some documentation added, but I wonder if anyone has actually proofread it. From “!NRINFO”


Later example shows:
NR5G dl MIMO: 0 NR5G ul MIMO: 1

So, what is “0” supposed to mean? No downlink streams? I doubt it …
How can there uplink MIMO, when UL MIMO is not supported in FR1? (PTS: UL MIMO:· FR1: Not supported)

Tested this with FW and The same nonsense is repeated in !GSTATUS, btw.