EM73XX AT commands documentation


I am working on a project using EM7305 and EM7345. For both the output of the AT+CLAC command shows many AT commands which are not documented on the Sierra Wireless docs (I am looking at http://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/airprime—em73xx-7655-8805—at-command-reference/). For instance the EM7345 has a +XCOPS command I cannot find described anywhere.

Attached are the outputs of the AT+CLAC for both modules.

Does anybody know if there is specific documentation for the AT commands available in these models?


EM7305-AT+CLAC.txt (1.1 KB)
EM7345-AT+CLAC.txt (3.21 KB)

The EM7305 and the EM7345 are very different beasts, using chipsets from different sources (Qualcomm vs Intel). Only the EM7305 is documented and supported here, according to e.g this:

The EM7345 is only supported through the OEM vendors distributing it, like Lenovo.

Note that many of the commands you see are generic chipset (or baseband firmware) commands, common to modems using the same or similar chipsets. I believe the “AT+X…” prefix is typical for Intel/Infineon chipsets. You should be able to use docs for these chipsets or other modems using the same chipset. The EM7345 use an Intel XMM7160, I believe,