Can't find a correct AT commands reference for MC8355


Hello everyone

as I specidifed in the title, I can’t find any document related to the TA commands interface of the MC8355 modem module. The closest thing I could find was the 2130617_Support_AT_Command_Reference-v2.4.pdf, but aside from the most common and universal AT commands (+CFUN, for instance), there isn’t any reference to the commands the 8355 modem supports (listed with AT+CLAC). There is also no reference at all about the commands starting with $, while I get plenty of referece for commands starting with ! (which the MC8355 doesn’t seem to support).

Does someone know where I can find the correct document?

Thanks everyone for the support




Please check in the 2130616 AirPrimeMC8XXX Extended AT guide.