Project Wizard problem

When doing the tutorial (Tutorial for OpenAT IDE 1.02.03) I get the error :
Wmnew script error:
[wmsync error #13] Unable to apply wm_scs2mak stylesheet to my1st.fscs input file.
I do everything as described in the tutorial, but when pressing OK, I get this error.



I too am getting a similar error message. [wmsync error #13] Unable to apply scs2prjrc.xls stylesheet to Hello_World.scs input file. This is when I use the Project Wizard.

Please help.


Hello –

Same problem in 2008 …

Installed OpenAT Software Suite v2.12. When trying to open “Hello_World” sample with the project-wizard, I get the following error-message:

“[wmsync error #13] Unable to apply wm_scs2mak stylesheet to Hello_World.fscs input file”

Have reinstalled many times now - and on another pc it works without problems (or better: without THIS problem – generally the descriptions within those many PDFs seem rather difficult to follow for newbies …).

Thanks in advance for any help!