Prohibiting FOTA function on EM7565 devices


I am working in Aircraft domain and we are using EM7565 devices.
The problem is that in Aricraft domain, each device SW / firmware has to be deeply tested in labs on ground before being authorised in Aircrafts. So we shall strictly forbid the automatic update of firmware in the air (as we need to do many tests and certify it on ground before allowing it in the air).
I used the AT+WDSG command and found that the EM7565 are configured by default as follow

echo ‘AT+WDSG’ > /dev/ttyUSB2

cat /dev/ttyUSB2


  • WDSG: 0,2
    +WDSG: 1,0

So the modem is configured in mode 2 (“provisioned” mode) while we need the mode 0 (“prohibited” mode) to strictly forbid the FOTA function.

I searched in AT commands reference document for EM75XX modems and did not find any specific command to move to this mode 0 (“prohibited” mode).

Did I missed something in the AT reference document ?
How can I configure my EM7565 FOTA in prohibited mode ?
Is there a command (AT, qmicli, …) available to do that and in which EM7565 firmware version did this command appear for the first time ?

We do not simply want the ground side to be deactivated (by not registering it in AirVantage service) but we need the function to be fully deactivated at Airborne side (i.e in the cellular modem itself), whatever gound configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pmonnie

The modem is configured in mode 2 (“provisioned” mode) means your module was supported AVMS function.
If you need the mode 0 (“prohibited” mode) to strictly forbid the FOTA function.
Please check SKU to know which EM7565 module supports FOTA function or not.
You need to contact to Sierra Wireless support as below link to get SKU for FOTA function (mode 2) or prohibited mode (mode 0)

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