Disabling SMS services and FOTA on EM7565

I am looking for a method to disable SMS features and FOTA on the EM7565. Is this possible?


Re SMS, you cannot disable it, if the unit is attached and the network supports it then you cannot stop SMS’s coming in, support is mandatory as operators use SMS to update SIM cards (its original use case from the days of 2G).

On the FOTA front, by default it is off i.e. it will not dial into the server and the server cannot contact it without the application setting it up and triggering a connection.



@mlw Is there documentation that states that FOTA requires communication starting outbound from the modem in order for FOTA to be initiated? This will help my case quite a bit from a securities stand point.


So there isn’t a statement or document stating this but you can check the status of the FOTA engine on the unit with the below commands which are detailed in the AT command guide.

  • +WDSC Configure AirVantage Management Services 122
  • +WDSE Display most recent AirVantage Management Services error 124
  • +WDSG Display AirVantage Management Services status information 125
  • +WDSI Activate/deactivate AirVantage Management Services unsolicited notifications 126
  • +WDSI (notification) AirVantage Management Services events—Unsolicited notification 127
  • +WDSR Reply to AirVantage server request 129
  • +WDSS Configure/connect AirVantage Management Services session 130