EM7455: AT commands to deactivate AirVantage FOTA?

Could you please verify if the following commands are adequate to deactivate AirVantage FOTA?

Remove APN - AT+WDSS=0,“0”
Disable package download - AT+WDSC=1,0
Disable package install - AT+WDSC=2,0
Disable Polling mode - AT+WDSC=3,0
Disable User agreement for device reboot - AT+WDSC=5,0

do you still receive any +WDSI notification after reboot?
(of course you need to enable all +WDSI notification)

+wdsi unsolicited notifications are not enabled on our device.

Are there any AT commands available to check the Airvantage status without relying on “unsolicited notifications”?

have you checked “AT+WDSS?”

+WDSS: 0,“0”
+WDSS: 1,0


have you checked the AT command guide and see what it is about?

+WDSS: 1,0 -
1 - Mode, 0 is action
(Connect to/disconnect from AirVantage server)
• 0—Release connection (Default))
• 1—Establish connection

Connection is released here.

Release Connection - AT+WDSS=1,0

Does executing this command disable communication with the server, or will the module continue attempting communication if polling is enabled?

I suggest you enable the +wdsi notification to verify, i remember there is setting in +wdsc to connect periodically