Programming module via GPRS

Hi, I am using Q2687 module for remote reading of some PLC data in field.
By now I’ve succeeded to make GPRS TCP socket connection with the devices and read all the data (well not 100% to be ohnest :smiley: )

But by the time customers ask for modifications and more data, while it’s so hard to reprogram all the modules in field. Can we use the GPRS connection for reprogramming modules?

If this is possible so where to start?


Look into Download Over The Air (DOTA) sample and the A&D FLASH API doco in the API guide.

Also, I believe that Wavecom can supply their Intelligent Device Service (IDS) to assist with the over the air firmware update process.

ciao, Dave

This is true.

You will need to discuss it with your Distributor or Wavecom contact to get the necessary accounts set-up and discuss the fees involved.
It also requries the devices to be IDS-enabled (another Commercial Feature)…

this seems to be very complicated :frowning:
(every thing related to the distributer will be very complicated)

Is there another simple way?
Can I use the bootloader to do this like in other micro controllers?


Have you looked at the DOTA and A&D Flash examples?

ciao, Dave

Have you actually thought about what’s involved?
It isn’t trivial - especially if you have a large number of devices to manage!

Yes, there is another way - see davidc’s original reply - but whether it is “simple” or not is a different matter… :exclamation:

Remember: if you do it yourself, you will have to make sure that you have a reliable mechanism, and you will also have to provide a system to “manage” the upgrades to your units…

“It takes a great deal of effort to make something appear effortless!”

I guess “other micro controllers” just seem “simple” because you are using an essentially reliable connection (eg, RS232 direct connection), and you have the unit on your desk in front of you?
That means that transmission failures are quite unlikely and, if any problems do arise, you are right there to sort them out.

This is not the case with a remote update via any wireless link - you have to account for the likelihood of transmission problems, and you have to be 101% sure that any problems with the update will not leave the remote unit in an uncontactable state!

So, this is not “simple” like “other micro controllers” - doable, but not “simple”.

yes you are right.

may be I should move in both ways and check which is better.

I’m not (necessarily) saying that one is “better” or “worse” - just pointing out that doing it yourself is not “simple”.

Realising that doing it yourself is not “simple” may cause you to re-evaluate your assessment of IDS as “complicated”.

You should discuss this in detail with your Distributor to consider all the implications so that you can make an informed decision…