Problems with Gobi 2000 in Windows 10


I have a problem with a Panasonic CF-19 Mk5 with a Sierra Wireless Gobi 2000 / N7NGOBI2 WAN card (actually I have many of these computers, all have the same problem)

The drivers are installed, and everthing seems to be fine. The problem is that the when the computer starts, the computer finds the mobile networks, but tells me that the radio is turned off. To get rid of this problem, I am able to turn of flight mode and turn it off again. Then it connects to the Internet.

The problem is that these computers need to have Internet access when they start-up. I noticed that this might be an issue with the newer Windows 10 versions, I am not able to downgrade these computers anymore.

Is there an other fix for this problem?

Thank you very much!

Hi @huvipiste ,
Can you share the error message or the screenshot to understand the problem you are getting? On the other hand, I found the below topic raised for the question seems similar to yours. You can take a look if it can help
Please share if you have any concerns