Problems with AirLink GL6110 and Windows 7


I work in the IT-Departement of my company WVV GmbH. We have several Sierra Wireless Airlink GL6110 in use. Now we have updated our Laptops to Windows 7 and have some issues.
Of course I used the latest Drivers from this website.

First Problem:

Although the Drivers are installed, they are not recognized by the PC


Second Problem:

When I want to start the USB Driver Configuration the following message appears:


Does anyone know how to fix These Problems and how to get the Airlink run under Windows7?

Thanks a lot!

Andre Fleck, WVV GmbH


I hope it’s USBDriverInstaller_SL6_V3.8.8.0.
I am not able to see the attachments… It seems some issue in attaching the images in forum.

I have tested the with USBDriverInstaller_SL6_V3.8.8.0 at my end and I am able to communicate with the module.
Anyways as a work around can you try the following steps:

  1. Remove/uninstall all the previous versions of drivers.
  2. Install the USBDriverInstaller_SL6_V3.8.8.0.exe file
  3. Restart the machine after installation
  4. Go to installation folder of the USB driver (for eg. C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\USBDriverInstaller)
  5. Install dpinst.exe file then connect your module

If it’s not working can you explain what error message you are getting?


The problem has been noted for some time:

It looks like someone is working on it:

But it’s not fixed yet…