Problems using TCP to communicate with the serial port

I have an airlink pinpoint x, and am trying to communicate with a device connected to the serial port. I’m sending tcp commands to the pinpoint x, and they’re sent out the serial port to the connected device. I’m seeing unexpected data coming from the pinpoint x to both the device connected to the serial port, and the tcp connected session. Every 7 seconds I receive the following data from the pinpoint x on both the serial connected device and the tcp session. (6 Hex bytes) 10 b2 00 4e 10 03. This translates to ascii DLE,,NUL,N,DLE,ETX. I think this data is interfering with device communications. Can someone explain the data I’m seeing?

[ETX] and [DLE] are the escape mechanism used during the data transfer. Can you share the data that you are sending? is it contains the escape sequence?