Problem with WIPlib 1.10


Hell folks,

I experienced problems during intensive testing with WIPlib 1.10 ( OS 6.61 ) in the following two scenarios.

The IP libary will behave strange sometimes (!!!) when the connection is closed abnormally due to the server side ( problem experienced during ISP problems). The problem could be in our code as well but we cannot find the sulotion yet.

When a new parallel socket is created with a large send buffer (32K) and the wip_close() function called on this socket under heavy traffic load, it could ( not always!!!) hang the IP libary. Naturally the other tcp socket is “hanged” in this case. Just imagine you press the PAUSE button on IP libary, no traffic, no events, no error codes.

Has anyone also experienced this two problems?

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After playing with FTP client api with Q2687, it works very erratic. For example the speed usually is ~100-200 byte per sec. Very slow for an EDGE module isn’t it :confused: I tried it at least with 3-4 FTP server, and the same code works well with the Q2686. TCP client is working apart from the above scenarios. I don’t know whether other apis are working or not, i don’t need them and i don’t have the time to test it.
It should be written down in the release notes of OAT 4.12, that we should not try to use WIPlib FTP with q2687.

Any news about new version of WIPlib? 1.10 was compiled in 2006 september, half year passed since that. The file name of the libary ends with “” but in the documentation we can find “1.10”, it could be logical to use one version number, isn’t that :question:

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Hi Tomalex,

For the TCP socket problem, execute your application and then execute the command
AT+ADLDBG=60. (Please refer to the Tools manual for more information on this command).

Also, enable the CUS4 Level 25 and 24 traces. You can see the IP packets being sent across to the network by the WIP Lib. From the IP traffic, you can figure out if everything is fine (i.e. does the WIP Lib ever send the TCP segment containing the FIN bit set when a call is made to wip_close () or not).

In case, everything is fine but the application still hangs up (and there is no problem in the application), then it could be a bug in the WIP Lib.

Hope this helps,

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Open AT Fan.


Hello OpenAT_Fan,

Thanks for the reply, i know that AT command, i used to monitor TCP trafic with ethereal program.
I have wiplib 2.00 now, and the FTP with Q2687 is working now. I will also test deeply the other problems with the new libary, but so far it looks ok.

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