Problem with connection to the internet in WINDOWS 7


I have a problem with using the Q2687 or FASTTRACK as a standard GPRS modem in windows 7.
The driver is available (Sierra Wireless Device) and the modem is visible (COM2).
I configure the dial-up connection to dial the *99# and then apply the APN parameters provided by the network operator.
Each time I try to connect I get the error 777 as in the attached screen.
The modem responds to AT commands.
Do you have any idea what can be the real reson of the problem and what is the solution?



Can you try to change the phone number to:


Also, please reminded a valid APN is needed before establishing the dial-up connection.


Thank you very much for your help! It worked.
I’m a bit confused, because the network operator everywhere suggested NOT to use 99**1# , so I didn’t try that number and stayed with *99#.
Anyway - thank you again for quick response and solving my problem