Problem opening wizard The selected wizard could not bestart

Dear all,
I have installed Developer studio. But i am facing issues
(1) The selected wizard could not be started.
Plug-in com.swi.ebs.ui was unable to load class com.swi.ebs.ui.wizards.project.NewBinWizard.
An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.swi.ebs.ui (50).

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Please can you elaborate on your problem, and give the following details:

  • DS version
  • Host OS (Linux/Windows)
  • How did you install it

Please attach as well the full DS log (/.metadata/.log file)

DS version: Open_AT_Application_Framework_v2-52-2-A5_Full_Installer, Open_AT_Application_Framework_v2-53-1-A1_Full_Installer, Open_AT_Application_Framework_v2-54-0-A1_SL808x_Full_Installer(Any of one i tried all).

Host OS: Windows
Directly i installed with double click.
Sorry i could not find the log file in my workspace.