DS2.1.1 (Suite 2.3.7) Doesn't work

I just installed the full Framework 2.3.7 from the Full Installer.

On Windows XP Pro + SP3

There were no errors or warnings from the installation.

Developer Studio does not start:

… and so it goes on… :frowning:

What’s up :question:


Did you install 32 bit Java Runtime Environment?

I already have DS versions 2.1.0 and earlier installed and working - so I assume the Java is OK…?

Anyhow, shouldn’t the installer have told me if Java was missing or incompatible :question:

True, the installer won’t run on a 64bits VM, and checks that the VM version is correct for DS.
Anyhow, with 2.37 Full Installer, did you make sure you’ve clicked the correct option to install DS 2.1.1 instead of 2.2.0? Indeed, the default behavior is to install latest online DS release (today: 2.2.0).
And from what I’m reading in the log, start fails because it’s looking for components of DS 2.2.0:

I didn’t see the option so, no - I didn’t check it!

So why did it not do that properly?

Again - why did it fail to install 2.2.0 correctly?

What’s my next step? Should I just delete it all and start again - this time taking care to explicitly install 2.1.1?

The option I’m talking about is the “Install” group on top of software selection tree: “Latest software versions” or “This package”
By selecting the “This package” option, it will install 2.1.1
By the way, just made a test to install 2.2.0 with this full installer (something similar to your use case), and DS is starting correctly.
Maybe should you make a new try…

After some investigation, we found the issue.
Actually, when a former full installer (containing a former DS release) is used to install the latest online DS release, the installation will success, but DS won’t be able to launch.
We’ll fix the bug in the next installer engine version.
Meanwhile, the workaround is:

  • If you want to install a former SDK release, please always select “This package” option of the “Install” group
  • If you want to install latest software version, please use either the light installer, or install a former release (cf. first point) and then upgrade DS when the software update popup rises up.

Thanks - haven’t got around to trying it yet!