Developer studio opening error

I have installed software suite 2.35.1 with full installer. After that, i tried to open developer studio but it gives me error message and generates and error log file in configuration folder on developer studio install path.
The log file is on the attachment.
What can the problem be?

“Old” installers (i.e. before the Open AT Application Framework 2.51) have indeed this kind of issues.
Please refer to this topic: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=6160&start=0
As mentioned in the topic, you can:

  • either install the old SDK (by checking the “This Package” option) and then upgrade DS to the latest version when the update popup raises
  • or use the latest/light installer to install the latest software releases, and then from the DS Package Manager, install the 2.35.1 packages

Installing with light installer didnt cause any problem. Developer studio and lastest framework has been installed. Thank you for your help.