Problem on acessing the SIM card by openAT

Hi all,

I have been able to access my SIM card by ordinary AT commands, but it is not happening by OpenAT for my SIM card.
OpenAT is working proper for only few of a SIM card , i don’t know much deep about these techniques; can you suggest me about the problem.

What problem?

you’ve given no details of what you’re actually trying to do, how you’re trying to do it, what results you’re getting, nor why those results aren’t what you wanted/expected! :unamused:

My problem is to know the build feature difference present betweeen AT command and OpenAT. SO i can fine that why my card is not working for OpenAT

Show what you do with AT Commands, and what results you get.

Then show what you do with Open-AT, and what results you get.

Then maybe someone can explain the difference to you!

it is a problem with sim card configuration, it was solved by using new sim card…
thanks anyway for ur interest

Hello jayemb,

Would you mind describe your problem and the solution if you started this topic? It could be useful for someone who has a similar problem… Don’t you think?


the problem is with sim socket that’s why it configured properly for only few sim cards