Controling the 2686

Im trying to control 2686 modul thru call and sms.
How to make this ?

Is there any example for this modul ?
Maybe some tutorial/ebook ?

Thank you in advance ?

Will you be using OpenAT or just AT commands?

For OpenAT: there are examples included in the OpenAT SDK.

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1.) What would you suggest, what would be better ?

That depends on how you would like to control the module. If you connect it to a PC and run the program there, you should be fine with AT commands. Then you have full flexibility to use any available modem commands and you only need to write one program on the PC.

If your application should be stand-alone without external connection to a PC (or other microprocessor for that matter…) used to send the AT commands to the module, OpenAT is a good choice.

Of course you could also do a mixed approch, defining some functionality inside the module and control that from the outside…

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I want to get the RSSI ( signal strength) while the modem is under PPP connection.
Is there any solution ?
The OS I use is Windows CE 5.0.

The original problem is that the modem does not change his status in case the antenna is disconnected

Thank you for replying !!!

for signal strength, the AT command is : AT+CSQ

I know the +CSQ command, but during a PPP connection with Windows 5.0 it’s not possible to sent AT commands ( the serial port is not available).
My problem is that the MODEM does not change his stautus if the antenna is not connected.