Problem after load the IP Stack in Q2501B


Hi All :slight_smile:

I’ve loaded in Q2501B the new OS 6.55 and the edSoft 3.10 IP Connectivity, and after this i’ve used the AT# commands Set without problem
But after when i’ve tried to load an Open At Application (after at+wdwl, At+cfun=1 and at+wopen=1) the app not start and the module don’t respond to commands taped.




Hi malek,
Did you erase the IP stack using AT+WOPEN=4 command and then downloaded the Open-AT application?
Also, check that the new application that you have downloaded is compiled using OAT 3.10 and is compiled using -32 option (i.e. it is a downloadable file for 32 bit memory modules)?

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Open AT Fan.


Hi OpenAT_Fan
Thanks for response
No i’ve not erase whith at+wopen=4 but it’s right that the application is compiled whith OAT 3.01 (may be the reason).

And someone said to me that loading an opent AT application replace the IP stack loaded befor !!! is OAT Appli and IP Stack are in the same locaion in Q2501B !!!

So by this information, i understand that we can’t load an appliation and use the module as a modem whith At# commands at the same time.

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Your conclusion is so correct and if you still want to use the AT# commands you have to implement them in your OpenAT application.



Thanks snoooze
But alway in the same context
May be a pb if loading an appli compiled with OAT 3.01 in module Q2501B with OS 6.55 ?