Prevent (disable) MP70 from establishing cell connection

For “Airlink MP70”:
Is it possible to disable the cellular connection (other than by removing sim card), like you can with Wi-Fi, so the Airlink does NOT try to connect to the cell network? There are times when you don’t want a cell signal to be sent.


Hi @razer7,
Removing Sim is a good choice for this case. You also disable Always on connection as the screenshot for double limitation

Disabled-Connect on traffic—The AirLink gateway only establishes a mobile network data connection when there is network traffic
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“Always on connection”
“Disabled-Connect on traffic”
The manual states this setting is for International devices using Vodafone. Work with any carrier?

“…establishes a mobile network data connection when there is network traffic”
So traffic through the ethernet WAN (port 4) counts as network traffic?

I want to DISABLE the cellular transmitter under ANY circumstance unless I specifically enable it. Like ‘Airplane Mode’ on smartphones, where you can completely shut it down.

Does removing the sim card guarantee no cellular signal is being emitted? A setting option is preferred though as you don’t want to repeatedly insert and remove the sim.

There are a number of situations where disabling the cell signal would be desired.

•Lab setting where it could cause interference
•On an airplane
•Near someone with a pacemaker or electronic medical device
•Limit power use when on battery
•To have greater control


Hi @razer7,
Currently, Airlink doesn’t support disabling cellular like airplane mode. If you want to do it you can refer to set SIM PIN. Be careful when entering the PIN, You have a limited number of attempts to enter the correct (generally 2) before the SIM card is locked. Then you need to enter PUK PIN to unlock. The PUK also have a limited number of attempts (generally 10). So this solution is quite complex so we doesn’t highly recommend customer to do it. The SIM PIN is describe in document (page #92)
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