Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70 SIM card quota control


I have an MP70 device with 3 internet outputs, namely 2 SIM cards, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

  1. Wi-Fi, 2. SIM card, and 3. Ethernet (satellite).

My problem is that I have a certain quota on the SIM cards, and when the quota is used up, I naturally cannot access the internet. Even though SIM card automatic switching is enabled, it does not switch to the second SIM card when the quota is used up.

Do you have a solution for this issue?

Hi @fatihbozbay21,

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Have you followed the instructions for configuring Automatic SIM Switching on pages 88-89 of the Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink MP70?
Please refer to the documentation at the following link:


Hello Jerdung,

Yes, automatic SIM switching settings have been configured.
It works when the network completely goes down.
However, my issue is related to the quota.
When the quota on the first SIM card is used up, it doesn’t switch to the second one.
Probably, when the operator’s quota is used up, they don’t completely cut off the internet, they just reduce the speed, which doesn’t trigger the switch.
What I want to do is to define quotas for the SIM cards and when one quota is used up, switch to the other SIM 2, and when SIM 2’s quota is also used up, switch to satellite internet.

Hi @fatihbozbay21,

The Automatic SIM Switching feature is based on a complete loss of service. Therefore, in your case, it cannot trigger the switch.


Hey Jardung,

I was also facing this problem so please provide any solution to get out of it. I look forward to your kind solution.

Thank you