possible to connect FXT009 with PBX?


Hi all,

Is it possible to connect an FXT009 including the ethernet extension card to a PBX and receive calls over SIP/H.323?
Probably a noob question but I would appreciate any guidance on the subject. I would also be interested in using other OpenAT modems to achieve this.




SIP/H.323 is common VoIP protocol and based on TCP/UDP for management, RTP for data stream.

So either you have an host controller with SIP/H.323 stack running and use FXT009 as modem; or you can implement these protocol using WIP library and use FXT009(or other OpenAT device) in standalone mode.

Please refer to the spec of both protocols, e.g. SIP - RFC 3261, for details.

Still, if you are planning to implement and run SIP/H.323 stack inside FXT009 OpenAT for voice call, you may consider the audio interface as which the built-in analog audio may not support the SIP/H.323 audio stream.

Hope it helps and let us know the progress of your development. :smiley:



Hi, lotam and thanks for your reply. Can you give me some more details on the first solution you proposed because I don’t quite follow. If I understand correctly you’re suggesting to receive the call in a host machine and then pass the call to the modem; how is that possible? will the modem recognize this as a regular incoming call?