Module inside of FXT009

Probably I could answer all of my questions if I actually had an FXT009 at hand, but the last one went out with a recent project.

I have a customer who needs voice received (short) and voice from a file sent out in mode voice (of course) and is hoping that I can do that with the modem. I see that only two embedded module types, AirPrime SL808xT & Q2698 can do this. Are either of these modules in the FXT009 or further, do you have any other programmable modems with this capability (designing a card is not an option)

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From my ADL users manual:

Note: Only the following operations are supported on AirPrime SL808xT & Q2698 embedded modules:

  • adl_audioSubscribe()
  • adl_audioUnsubscribe()
  • adl_audioStreamPlay() – only audio signal sampled at 8KHz on16 bits and DTMF
  • adl_audioStreamListen()– only audio signal sampled at 8KHz on16 bits and DTMF
  • adl_audioDTMFPlay()
  • adl_audioStop()
  • adl_audioSetOption()
  • adl_audioGetOption()-

FX100 is a product similar to FXT009. FX100 has a Q2698 module inside.

Thank you very much for the info on the FXT100. After I wrote this request, I became a little confused by the latest documentation. The ADL manual added a table of applicable modules and It somewhat reversed things on which modules work for the audio. It says that the two modules listed above partially support the streaming and that the others fully support it. Can you tell me which modem to buy to do the type of application that I stated above.

I am not sure exactly what you want to do.

If I look in the ADL user guide for the latest framwork(6.53) there is no limitation in the audio functionality in any of the modules. I guess you look in 6.52 version and the functionality was not complete when it comes to the 3G modems in that release. So if you need a boxed product both FXT009(2G) and FX100(3G) should work.

OK so I have been trying to get the ‘Open AT OS Package 6.53’ to be consistent with the documentation that you mentioned. So I took a computer that has never had Developer Studio on it before, and started installations, first specifying target Fastrack extend (FXT009), and I was only offered 6.52. So I cancelled and moved to target FX100. Again only offered 6.52. Lastly I tried target Q2698, here I finally was offered 6.53. I need to move forward on a proposal using this solution or another that I have worked out, but prefer to use the Sierra Wireless modem to receive and insert short voice. At this point it does not look like the development environment is ready, am I correct? :question:

On the link below you should be able to install framework 2.53 that include ADL 6.53.,-d-,53-full-installer-for-q2698_fx100/

You are right that 6.53 is not available on FXT009. 6.52 is the last one for 2G products.