Porting 7.46 Application to 7.52

Hi there,

I’m trying to move my app running on FW 7.46 to 7.52 using the new Developer Studio 2.3.2

I copied all files to workspace and imported my project.
After cleaning up and rebuilding I get 2 Errors:

  • Link error: cannot find mos_header.o
  • Open AT OS Package ( is not providing libraries for the active toolchain: [Target] ARM ELF GCC

I checked my application properties and compared to the old Dev. studio but cannot spot the difference.

Can someone tell me, what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Sebastian

The default toolchain is now ARM EABI GCC; by default, the ARM ELF GCC toolchain is not installed - you have to specifically select it.

Also, stuff like the eRide C-GPS has not been updated to ARM EABI GCC - so you’ll have to stick with an earlier version if you need that.


Thanks a lot, awneil!

Your link gave me the decisive clue.
I tried to work with the ARM ELF Toolchain on 7.52, but this seems to be no longer possible.

Switching to ARM EABI made it work directly.
Important: The bootloader (dwl.dwl) needs to be exchanged before updating the firmware :wink: