PLMN selection order in automatic mode & use of at+cops=0


This is still not documented in the AT Commands manual (at rev 7.51) … rch#p22090


Hi awneil,

This behavior is defined in the 3GPP standard, that’s why we’ve added a clarification post in the FAQ.




This is basic information which should be clearly stated in the AT Commands manual.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to see all these FAQ entries now appearing - but, again, it really mustn’t be used as a substitute for proper, clear, complete base documentation:

See also etc,…


Hi awneil,

We’re constantly trying to improve our documentation and we’ll take this into account too.

It has also been posted as an FAQ as we consider that it can be helpful for the community .

Thanks for your feedback,




Absolutely. Not questioning that at all :exclamation: