Place for "open source" project exchange

Hi all members,

I’m Erwan Girard working as Software Product manager at Wavecom. We are thinking about proding a space where members would be able to co-work on open source projects.

As we want it to remain simple to both using and managing on the admin side we will not be using the well known sourceforge like tools… (unless you turn this into bi-millions of Open AT Open source projects… :smiley: )

Thus we are now limiting our choices to:
1- create a “collaborative project” area enabling members to upload files.
2- using a wiki as the one you might have already seen on Open AT Lua and allow people to create their own pages and upload their files.

feedback welcome !!!

Just in case you wonder how to add a file to a message posted on the forum…

Look at the two pictures attached to this message…