Ping is not return

I have connected to the target wifi and using ping to test the signal.
It was okay when I have checked by ‘ping’ but when I tried to test the signal between PC->router->wp76module, I didn’t have anything return back.

Can anyone suggest me about test ping between PC->router-wp76module ? or any sample to test PC->router->PC?

can the wp76 module ping PC?
have you entered “iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT” in wp76 module?

how can I test wp76 module ping PC?
and where I have to entered "iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT"in wp76 module?

of course you enter the ping and iptables in WP76’s console.

then how can I test wp76 module ping PC and PC->router->wp76module?

you just type “ping” for pinging PC’s IP address