Performing SOTA after FOTA


after a lot of trial and error, I’ve managed to package a customized firmware for FX30, as well as an application to run on it.

Although I’ve set every single AT+WDSC option to 1, in order to authorize everything I could including connection, download, uninstall, install and reboot, I keep getting URC +WDSI: 2 and +WDSI: 3, respectively asking for authorizations to download and install.

Following a suggestion on this forum, I installed an avcControl application, intended to answer those events with the appropriate AT+WDSR=3 and AT+WDSR=4 responses. And it works.

However -_-.

First, I can’t understand the purpose of automatically polling for updates, if those updates must still be manually authorized when found.

More problematically, when I install an new Firmware, every application is wiped from the system. And I can understand why. But since the avcControl application has been wiped too, they’re nothing left to authorize the download and reinstall of my application! This makes the FX30 pretty much bricked until someone comes and reinstalls the apps manually, defeating the purpose of over-the-air update.

I’m sure Sierra has thought of a way to upload applications over a freshly updated firmware.

Maybe there’s a more sensible way to automatically accept downloads and installs than writing, compiling and installing a C application for that purpose?

Maybe there’s a way to bundle applications together with the firmware, updating everything at once?

Maybe I overlooked something in my AT+WDSC=1,x setup, which would actually have make authorizations automatic?

I can’t be the first AirVantage user who needs to update firmwares and software remotely and automatically, there has to be a simple and rational way to fix this. I hope.

Just in case I missed something silly, here is my AirVantage configuration:

+WDSC: 0,1
+WDSC: 1,1
+WDSC: 2,1
+WDSC: 3,15
+WDSC: 4,15,60,240,480,1440,2880
+WDSC: 5,1
+WDSC: 6,1

Hi fabien,

Please try disabling modes 0,1,2,5,6 of the +WDSC command to automatically accept downloads, installs … and retry.


The response will be as below:
+WDSC: 0,0
+WDSC: 1,0
+WDSC: 2,0
+WDSC: 3,15
+WDSC: 4,15,60,240,480,1440,2880
+WDSC: 5,0
+WDSC: 6,0