PCM and data in slot 0


I work with Q2686 demo board, when I arranged configuration in this way (default configuration):


data isn’t on slot 0 in PCM frame (actually it is on slot 1, I checked with Oscilloscope), to make the matter worse MIC2 and SPK2 are active! (completely different from user manual) and I don’t know what’s wrong with it!

when I arranged a Digital Audio Interface configuration, like these:


data will be on slot 6! really I think it can even be something like a control word, because when I speak to the handset the signal on Oscilloscope wouldn’t be changed at all! isn’t it a bit strange?

Unfortunately, I don’t know how it has been changed to this wrong configuration, however I used these commands to get factory default configuration ( AT&F ATZ ), nothing happened and data is still on slot 1!!! how would it be possible?!

have you ever had any common problem or any idea how to solve it?

tnx in advance