Inconsistent and incorrect AT+SPEAKER


In older AT Command Interface Guide (like the one for FW 6.63), the values for AT+SPEAKER=value had the following meaning:

1 - MIC2/SPK2
2 - MIC2/SPK1
3 - MIC1/SPK2
4 - MIC1/SPK1

Since at least the version for FW 7.2a (I don’t have any between 6.63 and 7.2a archived) the AT Command Interface Guide changed this to:
1 - MIC1/SPK2
2 - MIC1/SPK1
3 - MIC2/SPK2
4 - MIC2/SPK1
The actual configuration is still following the old documentation though.

In our products we have primarily used MIC1 and SPK2, and if we were to follow the newer AT Guide, we wouldn’t get any sound through microphone due to incorrect documentation.


Hi Tobias

This is a known problem and a documentation tracker already exists for the same.Will update you on this
when the tracker is resolved.