How to control the microphone gain by at command?

Hi all
can any one help me out to to control microphone gain by at command , this sentence I see it in technical manual for ws6318,

The gain of the MIC input is internally adjusted and can be tuned using AT commands.

any help please, where I can found this command, I go through at command manual , but nothing there /.

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Both analog and digital (PCM) audio is supported on WS6318 and related commands available for each audio interface.

The command is,
for analog audio: +VGT
for digital audio: +WDGT

Please refer to the AT command guide available at developer zone for details:


Thanks for your quick replay ,

I was thing that the microphone gain is too low , so that , now I still can’t hear any thing .

1- I connect different type of microphone in micp and micn with 33pf and without it … and when I call other land line phone (i use ATD ) I can’t hear single thing , also there are no noise at all ??? is there are any tips for this issue … ?

thanks in advance for you support


any replay please .

I chick the micp and micn , but there are no dv voltage on it? any one , where is my problem