Is there automatic gain control for PCM?

Does anyone know if the SL808xT running 7.52 firmware supports any form of automatic microphone gain control for PCM?

I have an OpenAT application which uses MIC_1 and PCM. I can control the microphone gain manually with +WDGT. After some experimentation I have found a value which generally works okay for an average voice level in a quiet room.

However sometimes this manual level isn’t sensitive enough for people who speak quietly, or too sensitive for people who talk loudly. For example in a busy environment like an airport people are shouting into the microphone and it’s distorting.

So ideally I need an automatic gain control based on a defined input level that the microphone needs to match.

I’m sure others have had a similar problem! Any help/suggestions appreciated.


don’t think there is any AT command to set the gain control automatically. will check internally…

Hi - did anyone get back to you internally? Thx.