[SL8084T][OPAT/AT Command] How to raise microphone gain


Currently,I’m using analog audio by voice application then
I’d like to raise the microphone gain.

I think SL8084T can support only 0 or max(24dB) by AT+VGT and default is 24dB.

Is there any ways to raise microphone gain more from 24dB?

Thank you.


i also tried to change the values…It seems we cannot change the values … i’ll update you once i’ll get some pointers on this… only 0 and 2400 is there…

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It seems to be the known behavior. We are working internally onthis and will be fixed in upcoming FW releases.

dear all:
i ihave the same issue… because of it …we lose a big bussiness…my god…
and how about it now?

hi Rex:
have any upgrade?
best regards

It seems in FW version 7.53 (which is supposed to be available by end Q1 2015), we can raise the microphone gain up to 35dB.


oh…that is a good news…i have get a R753 BETA version…it can suppoot when i at+vgt? but .i can not set

wait for the release version .