Problems with +WTONE and ring melody in X.52 and 6.55


Hello everybody,

when running our application (which runs nicely on core firmware 6.40 and 3.41 (OpenAT 2.0 and 2.1)) on X.52 / X.55 (OpenAT 3.03/3.10) we discovered that the volume for beeps send through the speaker and also for the ring melodies is VERY low… (a lot lower than it used to be in the prevoius core firmware versions when AT+VGR and the gain given in the AT+WTONE command are not modified.)

We are able to get the tone approx. as loud as before when we set
the gain in AT+WTONE to 0 (0db) and also AT+VGR=0. (although before, we had the gain for WTONE at 8 (-12db))

But we can not do this because the volume during a call is about right (about the same as before…) and setting AT+VGR=0 would blow the user’s ear away :wink:

And we cannot wrap AT+VGR=0; ;+VGR=160 around the +WTONE … because it has an immediate effect and the tone would still be with low volume… So, has anybody here also seen this changed behavior of the core firmware?

Any ideas for a solution? Is there maybe a new command to set a master volume (similar to the one for sounds generated by the network)?

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,