Can not use MIC_2 as single-ended interface

Can MIC_2 be used as single-ended interface in the module Q2438?
I have sent : AT+SPEAKER=1
But it did not work.
When I used the same circuit on MIC_1, and sent: AT+SPEAKER=0, it worked well.

Very confusing API from Wavecom.

AT+SPEAKER=1 directs audio to AUDIO2 port
AT+SPEAKER=2 directs audio to AUDIO1 port.

My only guess is that something is lost in the translation from French :wink:

somehow, I have the very same problem!

in the AT command user guide (version 7.1 or 7.4, no difference), it is said that “AT+SPEAKER=1” means MIC_1, Spk_2 but when I set configuration to “AT+Speaker=1”, just MIC_2 and SPK_2 are active!

any common experience or idea how to set configuration like the User Guide?


In the documentations, AT Command Guide and WMP Dev Kit,the references to audio inputs and outputs are different. This makes confusion for us who want to configure these I/O. The confusion is faced because it is mentioned that Audio 1 and Audio 2 can be selected on the Wireless CPU. But Audio 1 and Audio 2 refer to the connectors available on the demo-board, and not on the module.

Actually, the description should be something like this:-
E.g. :
Audio 2 (on demo-board) :
Mic (from UGD) = MIC2 (from PTS/Dev Kit)
Hfr (from UGD) = SPK2 (from PTS)

Audio 1 (on demo-board) :
Auxmic (from UGD) = MIC1 (from PTS)
Ear (from UGD) = SPK1 (from PTS)

I guess the issue has been raised with wavecom and the documentation would be corrected soon …

hope this helps…
cheers :smiley:

Hi there,

then could you check this message too?

The documentation is still not fixed. (I agree with bandali’s comments above)
AT command guide has at+speaker settings incorrect.
at+speaker=1 and at+speaker=3 should be swapped.

Unfortunatly I found this mistake after wasting a lot of time and effort.