PCB layout for Q26 series

Does anyone know where I can obtain the PCB layout (mechanical) drawing for the Q26 series? Chapter 5 of the Customer Design Guidelines for both Q2686 and Q2687 states that the mechanical drawing including details of the drill template and location of the 100-pin connector on the application PCB is on the next page. However, no such drawing is there! Is this drawing located somewhere else or does it simply not exist?


Talk to your distributor. You’ll probably have to sign a NDA to get it, but some details are available.

My distributor also provided me with a library footprint - but I couldn’t open it using Protel (or Altium) so had to draw my own. Got it right the second time - that will teach me for not doing a 1:1 scale check plot…

ciao, Dave

just download the process customer guidlines.
all you need is there

oh, and by the way, the layout for the 100-pins connector can be found in the panasonic documentation
see also viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2699&p=10123&hilit=connector+100#p10123

Thanks, the diagram in the Appendix of the Process Customer Guidelines has the information I required.