PC to modem connection


Hi, I’m new in this (i mean Open AT, AT commands etc.)
First, sorry for my english (it’s not my first language) and my stupid questions if they are :slight_smile:

I looked for similar problem like mine on this forum for couple of days but no effect.

I want to establish connection between AXIS video server and PC via M1306B. I need to connect PC (or notebook) to M1306B dialing some SIM number placed in wavecom modem. After establishing connection M1306B must sent data (web site) from RS232 to PC browser (i think it should be in transparent mode or something).

I don’t know how to change voice connetion (from PC) to data connection (from RS232). Is it possible to connect those two devices like I wrote at all?
What I need to know and how to do this?

I don’t want you to write such a application for me. Only some advice and hints.

Thanks for reading in general.
Please help I need to do this… THX


There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Using a dial-up data call: in this respect, a GSM modem (such as the M1306B) is no different from a normal dial-up modem on a phone line - apart from being slower and, probably, more expensive;
  2. Using GPRS: in this case, you are using the M1306B to give you a TCP/IP connection - once that connection is established, it is no different from any other TCP/IP connection (but, again, probably slower & more expensive)

You need to give a bit more information on how you intend to access this “AXIS video server”…


Hi, thx for such a quick answer.

AXIS video server is sending (all the time) to RS232 (and RJ45) a web site. Inside it you set up static IP address or DHCP and other network settings (mask, gateway etc.). You can access to AXIS over IP with web browser (like a router, access point etc.) through RS232 or RJ45 (Ethernet).

Connection should be establish on demand (only when I dial that SIM number). First idea was that I dial SIM number and I receive a web site in my browser, but now I realized it won’t be so easy as I though (of course for me :wink: ).

I have no idea how to do this, because it’s new for me.

My another question is: Can I connect this AXIS video server and PC/notebook into one network through M1306B? Just writing AXIS IP address in browser? And how to do it?
In my opinion it would be the best solution, but only in my opinion :slight_smile:.

Thanks again.


What do you mean, “sending to RJ45”?
“RJ45” is just a type of connector - it can be used for all sorts of different things!

Do you mean it is a TCP/IP LAN connection?


Yes. Sorry, my mistake… for me RJ45 connector means TCP/IP LAN connection. I don’t use RJ45 for any other things.


Yes, but you’re in a public forum now - nobody knows that unless you explicitly state it!

In the world in general, RJ45 connectors are used for very many diverse applications besides just LANs!


OK. I remember that. THX.

And what about my questions?

All right, after reading a lot of documentation about AT commands I admit it was a stupid question. But now i get another, I hope not so stupid as last one :slight_smile:.

I established dial-up connection between PC modem and M1306B (GSM connection), but only with AT commands.
When I try to set up automatic answer on incoming call hyperterminal shows me something like that:



+CLIP: "+48124101140",145


+CLIP: "+48124101140",145


After that PC modem shows user name and password verification is faild, but M1306B shows nothing.

Why it cannot verify user and passwd? Did I missed something?