passive GSM scanning?

What is passive GSM scanning :question:

sounds interesting…

In the original Wavecom vocabulary it is called Listen Mode. You can get more information in RN_Open AT_Software_Suite_v2.0_beta_v09_Release _Note_v2.pdf document, page 18 § 6.11.

It sounds very promising, but I’d like to know more about it… It doesn’t seem to be implemented in the beta version 09.

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Thanks - found it!

Yes, it does sound very interesting - but the description is far too vague… :frowning:

The doc says:

It’s funny because there is no mention in the AT command guide ( around WCFM command ) about Raw Spectrum Information. ( I know this is prelimenary doc, but shouldn’t be the doc created first? )
I really understand the point of the “feature”. But i think it’s getting a little bit too much. I mean nobody can follow the numerous feature combination and creates a lot of truble for everybody. But it is an other topic…

Has anybody info about GSM jamming detection? I think it was promised a long ago and it should be around this new passive GSM scanning/Raw Spectrum feature and an other name “layer 3 service”.