Part Number to order for HL7810

I have the Sierra wireless kit to check the modem HL7802 (2G+4G). Now I would like to explore the HL7810 to test CATM1 network.
Could you provide part number to be ordered to suit my Development kit?
The Development kit I have : HL 78 DEVELOPMENT KIT - 5303247 REV4

Please let me know if this Development kit is suitable to test HL7810 or not.


i have just tried this dev kit with HL7812, it is working fine for AT command communication.
I believe it should work with HL7810

Thanks for the confirmation. Can I get the exact part number of HL7810 to order ?

I think you need to contact distributor about the SKU number 1105043

But one more part is there too with SKU 1104876

HL7810 part Order link Remarks
HL7810_1105043 Only Navigation.!!
# HL7810_1104876 LTE is present, but in RF Family/ standard it is shown as NVIGATION only.!!!

1104876 could be correct one. Could you confirm pleaseā€¦

i saw that 1105043 is having newer FW

You mean we can order the ??
If yes, can we update the firmware on EVAL board?

you can use the one-click exe here for FW upgrade:

Thank you for the support. We shall check the samples and come back if we face any issue.