Pairing two BC127's


Hi people!

My application asks for two BC127’s to be connected. One takes an analog input, the other outputs to a speaker via an amp. I’ve upgraded both modules to Melody 7.2. When i’m working with Tera Term / Putty, I cannot see BA_Config, actually everything which has to do with Broadcast Audio (BA) doesn’t appear to be integrated with the module. All functions to set a receiver / sender are not present when I type ‘help’ in the interface. I’m reading in the manual ‘(Note: This command applies to BA releases only.)’ What does it mean?

Can you help me further?

Many thanks, Chris



Bluetooth broadcast is a specific release separate to the standard one, to get it you need to contact your commercial channel and they will be able to arrange to have it delivered to you.




Hi Matt,

Thanks for your quick reply. If I understand you right, I need to contact Digikey, the company I ordered the chip from? This is a special separate software release they can give me as a download? Is it not possible to get it directly from Sierra Wireless?

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Official firmware delivery from Sierra is through the source and we cannot really post non official firmware to open posts here. Digikey support we are currently working out as while they are an official channel they are so big and have so many products that they don’t really plug into our normal way of doing things which we are working on at the moment (this post is being highlighted as an example to management).

I will contact you privately to get you around this for now.