Out of range callback address


I am intermittently getting the error below from my application:

Out of range callback address (ARM Prefetch Abort caught at EA07B104, Current Task 0x20 by CP15 )
Unknown function (ea07b104)
Unknown function (67a59)
Unknown function (13a9)
Unknown function (55555555)

Call Stack:
Thread [0] (Suspended : Signal : SIGILL:Illegal instruction)
adlint_irqGenericHighLevelHandler() at 0x262136

Module: GL6100
FW: 7.47.0
DS: 2.3.1

My application has a DTMF input stream as well as a PCM audio output stream. The problem seems to happen after the high level DTMF interrupt handler has been called (it is called from the low level interrupt is a viable DTMF input is detected). I’m not sure if it happens during the handler or after it has exited. I would really appreciate some help with this one. I can use the debugger, but I feel like I just don’t know where exactly to look to determine what is causing the problem.